Huibo Medical donates love and loves Teacher's Day

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        Pick the fruits of September and bring in the sunshine of golden autumn. On the occasion of the 37th Teacher’s Day, on September 10, Henan Huibo Medical Co., Ltd. successively came to Nanyang No. 3 Middle School, Nanyang No. 2 Complete School, Nanyang No. 17 Middle School, Nanyang No. 10 Complete School, Nanyang No. 19 Middle School made a charitable donation and sent a total of 225,000 medical surgical masks, 40,000 large-mouthed frog surgical masks for children, 2940 liters of hypochlorous acid disinfectant, and 100 bottles of large-mouthed frog 450ml to the teachers and students of the five schools. Hand sanitizer, 1520 pairs of Myersho medical elastic stockings and other materials, and I would like to extend my sincerest holiday blessings to all teachers.
        The strength of an enterprise depends on the stability of the country and the prosperity of the nation, and all of this stems from education and talent training. September is just as the beginning of each major elementary and middle school. When the epidemic has not completely passed, teachers The health issues of children and children in school have always been a concern of all walks of life.
        Since its establishment, Huibo Medical has not forgotten its original intention, caring for the society, donating funds to schools, alleviating the poor, and using practical actions to fulfill the social responsibility of a private enterprise. As a local enterprise in Henan, Huibo Medical cares about the development of local education. On Teacher’s Day, epidemic prevention materials were allocated to five schools in Nanyang to donate love. Huibo Medical’s party branch secretary and labor union chairman Yang Xi said in the donation activity: “Teachers are engineers of the human soul. In the special period of fighting the epidemic, teachers "Suspen classes without stopping school", stick to the post, and tirelessly nurture the next generation. This donation event, Huibo Medical can contribute its modest contribution to the development of education, which is the social responsibility that the company should assume. Thank the teachers for their education. Hard work, and hope that these materials can provide a solid guarantee for the health of children and teachers."
        The heads and teachers of the donated schools expressed their gratitude to Huibo Medical’s donation. When the students are about to start school, these epidemic prevention materials are very precious to the school. The school will make good use of these donated materials for the students. Get ready for school. Thanks to Huibo Medical for creating economic value for the society, but also actively caring about public welfare undertakings, repaying the society, and caring about education. The love of Huibo Medical has not only provided material assistance to the school, but also helped teachers and teachers. The health of the students has built a solid line of protection. All employees of the school will carry forward the fine tradition of hard work, work hard, and use excellent teaching results to hand in a satisfactory answer to caring companies that care about and support education.
        The items donated by Huibo Medical on Teacher’s Day include medical elastic stockings, which are the best Teacher’s Day gifts specially prepared for teachers. Chalk career, three-foot podium, teachers are on the podium one-third of the time every day, day after day, year after year, standing for a long time to lecture, occupational diseases also follow, they have become " One of the high-risk groups of varicose veins. Huibo Medical hopes that all teachers can love themselves, protect themselves, and have a healthy body while working hard. Through the public welfare activities of this Teacher’s Day, more people can pay attention to the teacher group, give more understanding and recognition to teachers, and jointly promote the culture of respecting teachers of the Chinese nation. Pay tribute to the teachers who have contributed their lives to the future of the motherland.
        Huibo Medical is a private listed company with a sense of social responsibility. For many years, the development of the company cannot be separated from the care and support of the society. Chairman Zhu Tiangang has always insisted on giving back to the society with practical actions, shouldering the social responsibility of an entrepreneur, and actively devoting himself to Public welfare undertakings turn charity into a normal action and promote positive social energy. After that, Huibo Medical will continue to pay attention to more social groups in the society, pass on love, and contribute to the protection of the health of the people.